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Gillian Johnson



Gillian Johnson



Olivia Shull

CFO & Executive Board Member


Hi! I'm Olivia Schull and a rising junior at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace. I run Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field. I am a morning announcements anchor at my school with a passion for video production. I also enjoy playing the piano and Irish Dancing. I enjoy doing jigsaw and logic puzzles along with knitting and crocheting. Most of all I love spending time with my friends and family! Two years ago, I started my own club called "Changing Minds" in order to bring awareness to different mental illnesses at my school. This led me to become a part of the Recovery Meet-Ups Team! I am so excited about this new opportunity and I can't wait for what is to come!

Valentina Parra

Social Media Director and Executive Board Member


Vale is forever grateful to be a part of Recovery Meet-Ups, which she first joined in 2022. As the head of social media, Vale brings you all this content with the help of the lovely Meet-Ups team. She is passionate about providing accessible care to everyone, especially when the mental health stigma prevents many from seeking support. She is actively dedicated to her own recovery, finding joy in the pursuit of wellness and self-love. Vale is currently in high school and loves to read, do yoga, play games on her phone, and to talk. She talks a lot. Really. All the time. Feel free to get in contact with her any time. Hugs!

Lily Nelson

Outreach Officer & Executive Board Member


Hello! I'm Lily Nelson and I am going into my senior year of high school. I love ballet, reading, the outdoors, history, and being in my school's ASB. I joined Recovery Meet-Ups as an executive board member in spring of 2022. Throughout the pandemic, I had virtually met with our founder Gillian and other teens to discuss eating disorder recovery and how difficult the process can be, as well as what can be done to best support those struggling with these issues. I'm looking forward to exploring this in Recovery Meet-Ups, providing solace and assistance to high schoolers in recovery, and overall creating a safe and connected environment.

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our ambassadorship program uses online and offline social mediums to dialogue about social justice concerns and mental health recovery.  

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